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June 9, 2021

Centennial doubles Tennis team wins state championship

tennis co-ed team wins state championship

Will Blevins and Claudia Guan take the State Tennis Championship title on Tuesday, June 8.

The Ankeny Centennial co-ed doubles tennis team of Will Blevins and Claudia Guan defeated Dowling 6-3, 6-3 in the State Tennis Championship Tuesday, June 8.

Centennial coach Tami Lewton said we were super excited for this pair up. Blevins had placed second in State singles and Guan had placed 6th in doubles. “We had no idea how they would play together on the court and they competed with such unity, dedication, and teamwork they were unstoppable!”

The Dowling team that they beat had placed first in State singles. Blevins had an individual goal of placing first in the beginning of the season but instead ended up with a championship title along with partner Claudia. Coach Lewton said, “This pairing showed these two were able to triumph over by working together and proves if you are a great team player, amazing things happen.”

June 2, 2021

Centennial holds its National Honor Society induction ceremony May 27

national honor society inductees

The Ankeny Centennial High School National Honor Society held its induction ceremony on Thursday, May 27th, at 7:30 p.m. Since there was no ceremony last year we awarded memberships to both the 2020 and 2021 inductees at this year’s event. Brigadier General Shawn Ford, Deputy Adjutant General of the Iowa Air National Guard gave the keynote address. A grand total of 135 students were admitted to National Honor Society. The ceremony was attended by many parents, friends, and family members. 

Students apply to become members of National Honor Society, an organization chartered by the National Association of Secondary School Principals, which has been in existence since 1921. Successful applicants must have a minimum unweighted grade point average of 3.5 or above, a demonstrated record of scholarship, extracurricular involvement, community service, and character. Tim Garner is the sponsor of the Ankeny Centennial High School chapter of National Honor Society, and he can be reached at, or by telephone at 515-965-9610. 

Below is a list of the 2020 and 2021 memberships:

Claire Aronson
Ella Becker
Katelynn Bender
Thomas Brustkern
Maddie Carleton
Dara Cleveland
Clayson Cox
Braydon Cunningham
Grace Dodder
Nicholas Eaton
Sophia Elgin
Kaylee Fornoff
Jeanna Fuller
Quinn Geiger
Autumn Graybill
Kennedy Hade
Zach Hansen
Mallory Hoogensen|
Mason Inman
Alexis Jansen
Katie Johnson
Kendall Jorgensen
Savannah Klingensmith
Kathryn Krueger
Evan Larson
Taylor Lehman
Allie Lensch
Nick Littlefield
Aaron Martin
Abby Mayo
Colin Moran
Kristen Menges
Delaney Miller
Ellerson Miller
Peyton Mitchell
Matthew Monsivais
Cleao Murray
Nathan Neppl
Hailey Paulson
Erica Peters
Caden Rasmus
Eden Rodekamp
Isabelle Sash
Tyler Schermerhorn
Ashley Simpson
Julianne Stevens
Jasmine Underwood
Brooks Wee
Lindsey Wessel
Maria West
Tessa Woerdehoff

Lauryn Auderer
Mandy Bendezu
Raylee Bishop
Brody Blakeslee
Aubree Bloom
Brianna Busch
Ryan Bybee
Anna Christensen
Kaden Christensen
Sydney Clark
Macy Cowman
Connor Cunningham
Blake DePhillips
Grace Dickinson
Eva DiMeo
Emma Donnelly
Hannah Doup
Bethany Ehmcke
Ben Fountain
Kyrillos Girgis
Tyler Graham
Peter Guzman
Abby Housker
Emily Huff
Mason Jensen
Nate Jones
Aly Jumper
JaKyla Kaniaru
Parker Kintigh
Taylor Kruse
Miranda Kuehl
Jade Nettrour
Mackenzie Longmire
Halle Northway
Zeynep Oghan
Emmy O’Meara
Lindsey Paulson
Lauren Playle
Bella Robben
Zach Solis
Scott Talmadge
Spencer Thiele

Cole Bosch
Mallory Logsdon
Allison Robinson
Mya Taylor
Anna Teeple

May 26, 2021

Last Day of School – Wednesday, June 2

student walking in hallway

As we approach the last day of school, we’d like to remind our families that the last day falls on Wednesday, June 2. This means that it will be a late start and early dismissal day. Please see below for your building arrival and dismissal times. *Reminder to Preschool parents their last day is this Friday, May 28th. 

Elementary (K-5)
Start time: 8:55 a.m.
Dismissal: 12:55 p.m.

Middle School (6-7)
Start time: 9:30 a.m.
Dismissal: 1:45 p.m.

Middle School (8-9)
Start time: 9:20 a.m.
Dismissal: 1:35 p.m.

High School (10-12)
Start time: 9:25 a.m.
Dismissal: 1:40 p.m.

May 24, 2021

28 Ankeny Centennial High School Students Inducted into the Société Honoraire De Français and Spanish Honor Society

Congratulations to 28 students from Ankeny Centennial High School who have been inducted into either the Société Honoraire de Français (French Honor Society) or the Spanish Honor Society! 

Ankeny Centennial High School held its third annual induction ceremony for both Societies on April 26. The French and Spanish Honor Societies are national organizations that promote interest in the language and culture and recognize students’ outstanding effort and dedication to the study of the language. 

To be considered for Honor Society membership, French and Spanish students must maintain an average GPA of A- or higher for three consecutive semesters in French or Spanish language courses. Members must also maintain an overall minimum GPA. In addition, students organized and led club activities, volunteered their time to tutor others, and participated in various service projects. They also demonstrated good character and leadership skills.

The Société Honoraire de Français is sponsored by Madame Pamela Lund and the Spanish Honor Society is sponsored by Señora Jennifer Aguirre.


Société Honoraire de Français

2021 ceremony PHOTO

15 senior inductees: (from left to right) Volta Adovor, Lauryn Auderer, Jaclyn Carlson, Katlyn Carlson, Sydney Clark, Amukta Gantalamohini, Grace Meador, Abby Miller, Jade Nettrour, Elizabeth Overberg, Raina Paeper, Natalia Portal-Figueroa, Jenna Ringwald, Olivia Schaeffer, and Isabella Sterling (Not pictured: Amukta Gantalamohini).


Spanish Honor Society 


13 senior inductees: (left to right) Eugene Viti, Angela Bambo, Hannah Bender, Eva DiMeo, Johnathon Beuter, Jakyla Kaniaru, Alison Lundberg, Mason Jensen, Alyson Jumper, Grace Mullins, Grace Dickinson, Kaylyn Peel, Zachary Solis

May 24, 2021

Law Day Winners

Students from ACSD competed in the Polk County Bar Association’s Law Day contest and garnered several awards in each category. Students in grades K through 12 were invited to compete in the visual arts, music, essay, and poetry categories.

This year’s theme was Advancing the Rule of Law Now. The Rule of Law is the bedrock of our democracy because the same laws apply to everyone, and no one is above the law. The Rule of Law is a system of laws, rules, policies, and principles that apply to everyone to ensure a fair and just society where everyone is treated equally under the law. This includes having a fair and independent judiciary and making sure human rights are guaranteed for all.

Law day has been celebrated since 1958 when President Dwight Eisenhower signed the proclamation declaring it a day to celebrate and strengthen the American heritage of liberty, justice, and equality under the law.

This year’s celebration was held virtually. Guests from the legal profession spoke to students, emphasizing the importance of the Rule of Law, and entertained questions from the students. A visual presentation was shared that showcased student work.

Anna Rowling

Anna Rowling – Prairie Trail

Vivian Zhang

Vivian Zhang – Rock Creek

5th grade:
Anna Rowling (Prairie Trail) – 1st Place in Poster
Vivian Zhang (Rock Creek) – 2nd Place in Essay
Zena Jorgensen and Ingrid Weber (Ashland Ridge) – 1st Place in Visual Arts

Zena Jorgensen andIngrid Weber

Zena Jorgensen and Ingrid Weber – Ashland Ridge

Alanna Bredice

Alanna Bredice – Prairie Ridge

Kalyani Bhat

Kalyani Bhat-Prairie Ridge

Emmarie Becker

Emmarie Becker-Prairie Ridge

Rosie Howieson

Rosie Howieson-Prairie Ridge

Maia Bredice

Maia Bredice-Prairie Ridge

Lauren Boka

Lauren Boka-Prairie Ridge

7th Grade:
Alanna Bredice (Prairie Ridge) – 1st Place in Technology
Kalyani Bhat (Prairie Ridge) – 1st Place in Music & Performing Arts
Emmarie Becker (Prairie Ridge) – 3rd Place in Poetry
Rosie Howieson (Prairie Ridge)
– 2nd Place in Poetry
Maia Bredice & Lauren Boka (Prairie Ridge) – 3rd Place in Visual Arts

Southview Student Winners at Law Day

Finn Stukerjurgen and Avery Bacon from Southview Middle School

8th grade:
Avery Bacon (Southview) – 2nd place in Middle School Visual Arts
Josie Bishop (Northview) – 3rd place in Middle School Essay
Olivia Madison (Northview) – 1st place in Middle School Poetry
Finn Stukerjurgen (Southview) – 1st place in Middle School Essay
Meghan Wolf (Northview) – 1st place in Middle School Visual Arts; 2nd Place in Middle School Essay

9th graders from Northview at Law Day

9th graders from Northview at Law Day

9th grade:
Lio Aguirre (Northview) – 3rd place in High School Essay
Lio Aguirre, Caeden deBruin, Mary Faidley and Addison Pollock (Northview) – 1st place in High School Visual Arts
Kylie Kinzie (Northview) – 2nd place in High School Visual Arts

Julia Yount

Julia Yount – ACHS

10th grade:
Julia Yount (ACHS) – 2nd place in High School Poetry

Allison suS

Allison Su

12th grade:
Allison Su (ACHS) – 3rd place in High School Visual Arts

May 6, 2021

Ankeny Schools Celebrates the School Lunch Heroes Serving Healthy Meals – May 7, 2021

DSC02095SLHD 1 DSC02113

Between preparing healthy food, adhering to strict nutrition standards, navigating student food allergies, and offering service with a smile, Ankeny Community School District nutrition professionals have a lot on their plate. To celebrate their hard work and commitment, Ankeny schools will celebrate School Lunch Hero Day on May 7. This day, celebrated annually since 2013, was designated by The School Nutrition Association and Jarrett Krosoczka, author of the “Lunch Lady” graphic novel series. School Lunch Hero Day provides an opportunity for parents, students, school staff and communities to thank those who provide healthy meals to nearly 30 million of America’s students each school day. 

All across the school district, school nutrition professionals will be honored and recognized from students, school staff, parents, and the community.

The importance and nutritional value of school meals are well documented. For many children, school lunch is the most important and nutrient-rich meal of their day. The Ankeny Schools Nutrition Services mission is to promote a culture of health and wellness in the Ankeny Community School District by providing safe and nutritious foods that support the learning process. Join us in thanking our School Lunch Heroes throughout the District! Get the details about School Lunch Hero Day at To learn more about the school nutrition program for Ankeny Schools, visit