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May 1, 2024

2024 French and Spanish Honor Society Inductees

Ankeny Centennial High School held their induction ceremonies for the National French and Spanish Honor Societies in April. These chapters have been active since 2017. The French and Spanish Honor Societies are national organizations that promote interest in the language and culture and recognize students’ outstanding effort and dedication to the study of the language during high school. French and Spanish Honor Society students must maintain an average GPA of A- or higher for three consecutive semesters in the language and an overall minimum GPA of 3.2. Students organize and lead club activities, volunteer their time to tutor others, and participate in various service projects at school and within the community. Students also demonstrate good character and leadership skills throughout the year. We would like to recognize the outstanding achievements of these individuals this academic school year. La Société Honoraire de français & Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica are sponsored by Madame Lund and Señorita Smith.

French Spanish NHS

French National Honor Society inductees for 2024:

Chloe Bredice ✤❂, Anna Burkle ✤, Mary Faidley ✤❂, Abby Fickbohm ✤❂, Avery Gavin ✤, Ara Lofgren ✤❂, Sophie Miller ✤, Josie Minnis ✤, Mayci Rasmus, Logan Sobaski ✤❂, Ruby Sprecher ✤, Roz Sterling ✤, Addie Tullis, Lana Walker ✤, Addie White ❂, Chrissi Zachariades ✤❂

Ava Adams, Sophia Bohnenkamp ✤, Millie Brooks ✤, Paige Brown ✤, Benjamin Gabrielsson, Kate Geiselhart ✤, Ashley Green, Alexis Metzger ✤, Abigail Samson ✤, Kaylee Sprecher, Hannah Wahman, Angelina Meyers ✤ (Italian)


(top row from left to right) Dariya Haynie, Paige Brown, Kayla Clark, Nicole Huang, Alexis Metzger, Cadence Phillips, Marissa Pries, Katelyn Thierry, Tyson Woerdehoff (bottom row from left to right) Corinne Swalve, Anna Bradford, Alana Crawford, Tommy Gilbert, Ava Lowe, Lauren Meredith, Lucas Muta, Lizzie Deng

National French Test Medalists Honored for Excellence

In addition, the French students also took the National French Test (Le Grand Concours) in March. The following students ranked highly both in the state of Iowa and nationally. Congratulations to the following students who ranked in the top 10 in the state of Iowa and to those who earned medals nationally!

French Level 4:
Paige Brown – also Bronze Medal winner, nationally ranked
Angelina Meyers – also Bronze Medal winner, nationally ranked
Sophie Bohnenkamp
Alexis Metzger
Millie Brooks
Hannah Wayman

French Level 5:
Logan Sobaski – also Silver Medal winner, nationally ranked
Chloe Bredice
Chrissi Zachariades
Ruby Sprecher
Addison Tullis
Anna Burkle
Mary Faidley
Rosalyn Sterling
Lana Walker
Ara Lofgren

Spanish National Honor Society inductees for 2023:

Anna Bradford✤❂, Alana Crawford✤, Brooklyn Conger✤❂, Nicholas De la Cuba✤❂, Lizzie Deng✤, Tommy Gilbert**✤❂, Ava Lowe**✤❂, Lauren Meredith**✤❂, Gabrielle Mixdorf✤❂, Lucas Muta✤, Madilyn Nelson❂
Addie Pollock✤❂, Anna Sash✤❂, Corinne Swalve**✤

Paige Brown✤, Kayla Clark✤, Daria Haynie✤, Nicole Huang, Alexis Metzger✤, Cadence Phillips✤, Marissa Pries✤, Katelyn Thierry✤, Tyson Woerdehoff✤


** officer
✤ earned the Seal of Biliteracy
❂ 2nd year member