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Our School

Welcome to Ankeny Centennial High School!

Established in 2013, Ankeny Centennial High School is one of the two premier Iowa high schools located within the Ankeny Community School District.

The Home of The Jaguars, ACHS offers a well-rounded, comprehensive continuum of academics, athletics, arts and activities to its students. There is an expectation of excellence in everything we do, and Ankeny Centennial students and staff live up to that challenge every day.


The mission of Ankeny Centennial High School is for each student to exit with a basic core knowledge, communication skills, and critical thinking skills necessary to be a life-long, self-directed learner who is able to adapt successfully to a changing global and technological society. Also, our students will demonstrate responsible citizenship, as well as respect for themselves, others, and their environment.

Established: August 2013
Grade Configuration: 10th -12th
School Colors: Black and Silver with Maroon Accent
Nickname: The Jaguars
School Song: Lyrics

Our Creed

We believe that an Ankeny Centennial Jaguar:

  • Cares first for others
  • Respects the diverse natures and opinions of their peers and their teachers
  • Pursues excellence through hard work
  • Creates a welcoming environment so every person feels valued and important
  • Brings honor to themselves and their school through character and integrity
  • Collaborates with peers to accomplish common goals

Enrollment Profile

Class of 2017 Enrollment: 399
Class of 2018 Enrollment: 406
Class of 2019 Enrollment: 415
Class of 2020 Enrollment:


Ankeny Centennial High School is accredited by the State of Iowa.

Graduation Requirements

Ankeny Centennial High School offers both a standard diploma and an honors diploma. Graduation requirements for each may be found in the course planning section of the website.


See the Academic Information page for more about advanced placement opportunities.
Honors Courses: A variety of honors courses are offered at ACHS. The “honors” designation indicates they are taught at a college freshmen level or above.
College courses are available through the Iowa Post-Secondary Options Enrollment Act and more than thirty courses are offered at ACHS for dual high school and college credit. More extensive information regarding currently available curriculum may be found in the course description guide.