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April 30, 2021

World Food Prize for the Iowa Youth Institute

The World Food Prize Foundation hosted its 10th Annual Iowa Youth Institute on April 26, 2021. Referred to as the most significant event to inspire Iowa high school students on global issues in STEM, the World Food Prize Foundation Iowa Youth Institute celebrated its 10th Anniversary, with over 250 Iowa high school students from 102 high schools across the state participating virtually. There were 18 students from Northview, 2 from ACHS, and 2 from Southview.

WFP 2021 NV

Northview students:
Chloe Bredice, Lizzie Deng, Duy Duong, Mary Faidley, Abigail Fickbohm, Tommy Gilbert, Iris Meier, Jack Meyer,  Mustafa Miari, Gabrielle Mixdorf, Allison Nguyen, Anja Peck, Mayci Rasmus, Lauren Reimer, Emma Sabala, Jillian Scroggs, Holden Smith, Chrissi Zachariades


ACHS students:
Erica Peters and Emma Smith

Hill Pocernich

Southview students:
Kayla Pocernich and Lilly Hill