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Centennial High School Fight Song Lyrics

Words by Emily Berkheimer, Leah Berkheimer, Alyse Berkheimer, Ana Clark, Sarah Clawson, Harrison Densmore and Jade Peterson

Music by Trav­is J. Cross

Arranged by Lester Ray Miller, III

Ankeny Centennial,
Show us your Jaguar pride.
Stand up for Centennial,
Spirit we’ll provide.

We’re loyal, courageous,
Tough and triumphant;
Strength through unity.

Oh, Ankeny Centennial,
Go claim the victory!

Jaguars! Jaguars!

Ankeny Centennial,
Loyalty through and through.
Vict’ry for Centennial,
We belong to you.

Let’s cheer for our Jaguars,
Lift up our colors,
We will never rest.

The Silver Cats shall lead the way,
We are A-C-H-S!

© Copyright 2013 Ankeny Community School District