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February 7, 2022

Scholastic Art and Writing Winners

Several students from the Ankeny Community School District were recognized by the Scholastic Art and Writing contest during the month of January. Their work was blindly adjudicated by a panel of creative professionals and recognized as the most outstanding work submitted among their peers.

Scholastic Art and Writing is the nation’s longest-running, most prestigious recognition program for creative teens in grades 7-12. Our students will be honored at an online celebration in March sponsored by Belin-Blank at the University of Iowa.

Our two students with Gold Key honors are automatically considered for national awards.

Zoe Hutchinson, Southview 8th Grade
Zoe Hutchinson, Southview Grade 8
Drawing and Illustration, The Purple Lotus Prophecy (Honorable Mention)

Elliot Sutton, Southview Grade 9
Short Story, Selcouth (Honorable Mention)

NV Scholastic group

L to R: Vivian Powell, Celeste Rieder and Kalyani Bhat

Vivian Powell, Northview Grade 8
Fashion, Satin Carmine (Silver Key)
Celeste Rieder, Northview Grade 8
Painting, She Walks Among Us (Honorable Mention)
Kalyani Bhat, Northview Grade 8 
Personal Essay and Memoir, Gratitude: The True Stepping Stone (Honorable Mention)
 Journalism, Domestic Abuse: The Overshadowed Pandemic (Honorable Mention)

Aaliyah Saeed, ACHS Grade 12
Comic Art, Pancakes (Silver Key)
Mackenzie Gruhlke, ACHS Grade 11
Photography, Shadows (Silver Key)
Amanda Clark, ACHS Grade 12
Poetry, How to Report Your Abusive Parents (Silver Key)

AHS scholastic contestants

L to R: Olivia Lammers, Brenna Coleman, Lillie Hamlin, Ella DeHaan.

Ella DeHaan, AHS Grade 12 
Art Portfolio, Narrative Driven Gesture and Fashion (Gold Key)
Drawing and Illustration, Bathroom Gossip (Silver Key)
Drawing and Illustration, Hiroshima (Silver Key)
Drawing and Illustration, Lab Partners (Honorable Mention)
Lillie Hamlin, AHS Grade 11
Drawing and Illustration, Self Portrait (Silver Key)
Olivia Lammers, AHS Grade 11
Painting, Still Life (Honorable Mention)
Brenna Coleman, AHS Grade 12
Flash Fiction, Evangeline, or the Surgeon and her Creation (Silver Key)
Personal Essay & Memoir, Coming to Terms (Silver Key)
Short Story, Lost and Found (Silver Key)
Short Story, The Ferryman (Gold Key)