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January 10, 2022

2021-22 First Semester End Schedule for Grades 10-12


As we approach our final weeks of first semester, it’s time to share our end-of-semester schedule. The purpose of this schedule is to ensure teachers and students have time to finalize course requirements so that ultimately, teachers can confidently determine students’ performance on the course standards. Please take a few moments to review our schedule below. Lunch will be served each day.

Let’s finish this semester strong!

Wednesday, January 12, 2021 Thursday, January 13, 2021 Friday, January 14, 2021
7:50-9:05 Individual Student Need Individual Student Need Individual Student Need

10:30- 11:30

Period 1

Period 2

Period 5

Period 6

Evidence Evaluation (Students present by invitation or request)

1:40- 2:40

Period 3

Period 4

Period 7

Period 8

No students are present at this time.
Mark Determination
Semester Prep/End of Year Reflection
2:45-3:40 Individual Student Need Individual Student Need